Obama Tries to Defend Obamacare with SHAM Unemployment Numbers

In kind of a disgusting attempt at misleading the nation (again), President Obama tried his dead-level best to make the case that Obamacare was a success because the unemployment rate continues to drop.

The problem with this argument is that Obama’s defense has already been proven wrong – several different times, in fact – yet, the fact that he knows his argument to be invalid doesn’t stop the President from trying.


Here are just a few resources on why Obama’s argument is complete nonsense.

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This morning we learned our economy created 223,000 new jobs last month. The unemployment rate ticked down again to 5.4%, lowest it’s been in almost seven years.

That’s 3 million new jobs in past 12 months, nearly the fastest pace in over a decade. All told in 62 months in a row, America’s businesses created 12.3 million new jobs. I should add by the way, 62 months ago is when I signed the Affordable Care Act so obviously it hasn’t done too bad in terms of employment in this country. Just thought I’d mention that.

Since there are a lot of predictions of doom and gloom, I suggest those making those predictions go back and check the statistics. Just saying.


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