Obama Threatens Veto – Conservative says “Bring it On”

GOP icon and Fox News/PBS regular Charles Krauthammer has a message for the President, and it’s one some Republicans will be excited to hear.

President Obama has been wandering around the airwaves telling anyone who will listen that he plans to use his “veto pen” much more often now that Republicans dominate Congress. Political pundit and GOP thinker Charles Krauthammer says that Republicans should relish the thought. Krauthammer believes that forcing Obama to use his veto “will show exactly how extreme Democrats are,” and prove that Republicans aren’t the ones holding up progress in Washington.

“And I think the Republicans ought to say, ‘Bring it on, Mr. President. There is no better way for the GOP to position itself for the 2016 election than to show the country two things. One, that now that it controls the House and the Senate…they are able to enact agenda. They have an agenda. And they should be willing to pass whatever they can and to dare the president to go ahead and to veto.”


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Krauthammer also thinks that Republicans should pass legislation that the President will be happy to endorse on issues dealing with trade.

“They should do that, give the president a win and a victory. But then they should begin to work on stuff and challenge the president — Keystone Pipeline, tax reform, repealing the medical device tax, repealing the employer and individual mandates in health care reform. Let the president show where the party stands and let the country know that with a new president, a Republican president, this stuff, which is very popular, will be able to get through.

But there is a whole slew of regulation coming down the pipeline out of EPA, which will kill coal, heavily regulate the entire power industry, raise rates in a way that I think will be extremely unpopular. And what Republicans ought to do is to target every one of those and let it come to a head and let the country have a debate. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in a democracy. But the thing is it was all shrouded and hidden when Harry Reid would prevent any of this from seeing the light of day. Now, it’s going to be seen.”

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