Obama: the Radical Traitor



President Obama simply refuses to use the term “Radical Islam.”  He even deleted it from President Hollande speech at a meeting at the White House.


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Imagine if FDR refused to use the word Nazi?  What would we think of his motivation. FDR put the Japanese in internment camps.  Obama puts the Muslims in the hall of moral fame.


While they are raping women, decapitating men, burning soldiers in cages and slicing girls’ vaginas, he says that they are gentle people.


Remember when Obama said, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.”


And yet Obama calls himself a Christian.  Even after blaming the Crusades on the Christians rather than the Muslims.


And what must we conclude about Obama?  Is he so emotionally attached to Islam that he can’t dare utter the term “radical” in connection with Muslims?


traitorIt is not just a matter of language.  It is confirmation of Obama’s affinity with Muslims. It doesn’t bother him that almost every act of terrorism around the world is by Muslims. He will not even admit that he refuses to conjoin the words “Radical” and “Islam.”


His fear of the truth lets him duck into a deceptive misrepresentation of the true Muslim threat.  His failure to name Muslim terrorism makes us more susceptible to it.


Obama tries to misdirect us from Muslim terrorism to general terrorism. If a General did this he would be imprisoned.  If the Commander-in-Chief does this what punishment should he be given?  Impeachment at the least.


Obama is a radical traitor to America.   Unlike Obama I am not afraid to use the term “radical traitor” whereas he won’t utter “radical Islam.”


He tries to move our attention from the Muslim threat to boring, used up racial problems. He wants to move the blacks and whites to hating each other like they did in the fifties. He is such a liar that when he points his finger at his audience it is actually pointing at himself.


When Obama came to office he said he would move us closer to the Muslims.  I didn’t think that he meant he would move us up their asses.

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