Obama Tells Christians to “Get Off their High Horse”

Is it just me or did anyone else hear Obama say (at a “prayer breakfast,” I think) that Islamic Terror is justified because of the misguided activities of Crusaders a millennium ago?

And did I also hear him utter something about “our religion?”

As a (faux) Constitutional Scholar he SHOULD know America has no “religion.” For further info regarding this concept, see the numerous cites to the “Wall of Separation” for which T. Jefferson wrongfully gets credit. Without re-plowing the ground about “Separation” let’s just accept the tenant that America has no official national church. (Can you imagine the horrors inherent in such a concept? Since the Fed screws up everything it touches, ie: Education, Taxation, Energy, ISIS, the non-existent War on Terror, etc, just imagine how much fun we would all have under the watchful eye of a Federal Church … it makes one laugh/shudder … but what if the Feds start thinking about starting one? Creepy, huh?)

So, doesn’t Obama know? Did he miss this stuff in his Constitutional Law classes at Harvard Law? Did he miss it in the Constitutional Law “course” he taught to undergrads at Chicago U.?

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Is it possible this statement, in an unguarded moment (?), is picking up where he left off several years ago, before he really got going on saving the world and halting the rising tides, when he said to a non-listening media “The future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam!”

Since Obama has allowed us to imbibe his wisdom freely, particularly when he told us “America is not a Christian Nation,” may we infer he means “ISLAM is OUR religion” when he trotted his tripe out at the prayer breakfast the other day?

This seems the only possible and logical inference available when you link up the things he has told us over the years. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m remembering his statements incorrectly. Maybe my mind is getting sloppy when I try to re-arrange his statements into a coherent set of ideas.



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