Obama Spokesman Admits “It’s not going to be a Good Year for Democrats”

This may be the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything that Obama minion and mouthpiece Jay Carney has ever said. As a newly minted political observer for CNN, he was on State of the Union Sunday morning discussing the upcoming election with a few other guests. While trying not to sleight any Democrats in particular (especially his old boss), he pointed out that there was never a scenario where 2014 would be a “good year” for Democrats. In fact, the only thing that would make it anything less than bad would be if Democrats could hold on to the Senate… which is looking increasingly unlikely.



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“It’s not going to be a good year for Democrats by definition… The sixth year is always particularly bad for a president’s party. You couple that with the fact so many seats are defended by Democrats in red states where Mitt Romney did very well against the president, double-digits in most cases, and there’s no outcome in November that anybody could say would be great for Democrats, except for barely holding onto the Senate.”

Jay Carney Is A Paid LiarLater, he added:

“The problem for Republicans if they win is Americans begin to think that ‘we hate Congress’ and it is now clear that one party is in control of Congress.”

I always love how political operatives try and taint the story with their spin. The story here should be that Democrats are going to have a bad year in 2014… but Carney tries to sell the narrative that a good year for Republicans is actually a good thing for Democrats. How? Because Americans will realize just how bad Republicans really are!

Yes, that’s the lesson to be learned if Republicans do well in 2014, Jay. Is CNN really paying for slop coverage like this? Unbelievable.

The real story is that Democrats controlled the legislature and the White House in 2010 and voters hated that so much, they handed Republicans an historic wave election and one of the greatest political victories our nation had ever seen. Now, Democrats have controlled a “gridlocked” Senate for almost a decade, and President Obama is even more unpopular than President Bush… and the nation is ready to relieve Democrats of legislative leadership – because they suck.

Keep on spinning Jay, we’ve grown accustomed to knowing that almost everything you say is just Democrat spin. Why should your new job be any different from your last one?

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