Obama Spiritual Advisor Once Said “No Difference” Between Crusades and Jihad!

It won’t surprise you that the America bashing Chicago Reverend under whose teaching President Obama sat for YEARS also doesn’t seem to like Christians very much. I mean, sure Reverend Wright’s church is supposed to be a Christian one, but that doesn’t mean as much today as it used to, does it? Many “Christian” churches across America today deny the deity of Christ, the miracles of Scripture, and various other sacred and orthodox tenets of our faith.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is no different from these other apostates choosing the religion of race over the worship of the One True God.

With the recent comments from president Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast though, we’ve learned something new from Rev. Wright: apparently there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Islamic Jihad that has been ravaging our planet for the last 1400 years (or so) and the Crusades.


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Jeremiah Wright 2“Do you see some people who are infidels? They are to be killed. We can not live together. You have Jihad, Crusades. You must be killed. When you have that kind of Euro-centric ignorance, you’re not only superior but you start demonizing others who are different,” adding, until you have “the Christian Crusades. Just kill all the Muslim infidels.”



By the way, just as a side note and my own very personal opinion, it makes me so angry to hear him pretend to speak about theology in his degrading and obviously spiteful sermonette. There is no branch of the Orthodox Christian religion that has ever held, as a theological distinctive, that white people are superior to non-whites. Perhaps this has developed culturally for periods of time in various places – but NEVER as an outgrowth of Christianity. If it’s been connected to the faith, it has always been as a way of explaining away an already existing predisposition to racism.

Also, the same version of this has existed in non-white communities. This problem of racial animosity is not unique to white culture, and Wright is disgusting to pretend that it does.

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