Obama the Reluctant Commander in Chief

Obama’s Reluctant War

“I’ll see you guys in New York.”  —Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (now known as Caliph Ibrahim, of the terrorist Islamic State, aka ISIS), after President Obama released him from Camp Bucca, in Iraq, in 2009

Obama the Reluctant

President Obama is now attacking the Islamic State (aka IS or ISIS).  But his 14 air strikes, during the first night of this new war, pale in comparison to the 1,700 missions flown over Iraq during the first night of the Iraq War.  Obama’s reluctance to order these strikes, coupled with his willingness to tell his opponents in advance what he is not willing to do, leaves many Americans in a doubtful state of mind with regard to Obama’s dedication to this latest war effort.  There is also the fact that Obama made such a brief statement about the strikes, so he might get to the UN in time to give his speech on global warming.

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The Taliban Five, Coming Soon to a Battlefield Near You

The president’s willingness to release terrorists—such as the Taliban Dream Team he gave up from Gitmo to secure the release of Traitor and Deserter Bowe Bergdahl, as well as his release of the future Caliph Ibrahim (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) from Camp Bucca in 2009—puts Americans at risk, especially with the porous border with Mexico currently enforced by the president.  In addition to our deadly foe, the Caliph, it would also seem that at least three of the Taliban Five have already become field commanders for ISIS.  This is a far cry from their remaining in the protective custody of Qatar for one year subsequent to their release.

Wartime Border Security

Obama WipeOne of the things that would make it appear that Obama is not serious about his Islamic State Offensive is his failure to secure the US border.  In a time of war—especially in an era of asymmetrical warfare, featuring wealthy terrorists who have become quite expert at crossing borders and infiltrating rival groups—rule number one would seem to be providing for the border security of one’s own country.  This president Obama has not done.  And why not?  Does President Obama naively assume that our enemies are powerless to cross an unprotected border?  Of course not!  There is a darker set of intentions at play here, and the Central American “children” are merely a distraction—as are all of the announcements of late that airport security is being beefed up.  Why would a terrorist come into the US through our airports, when President Barack Hussein Obama has ordered the border patrol to withdraw to a distance of 70 miles from the border?

Korans & Prayer-Rugs

Is it possible that, at some point during Obama’s war, the American homeland could be successfully targeted by Muslim terrorists?  Could our enemies abroad find their way across our border and successfully carry out a terror attack here on US soil?  One day prior to September 11th, 2014, terrorists were—luckily—arrested at the US border with Mexico.  But this happened despite President Obama’s border security policies, not because of them.  At a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing, on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, US Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) queried Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson concerning a report that four men with known ties to Middle-East terrorist groups were apprehended on September 10, 2014, as they were crossing the border into Texas.  Johnson admitted hearing the report but would not confirm of deny its veracity.

There has been a great deal of hoopla made about the tsunamis of illegals that now daily flood across our border, but little has been reported about those who cross relatively undetected.  Among the tides of teenagers belonging to the violent and deadly Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, there are teen members of the Mexican drug cartels as well.  The drug cartels, it should be pointed out, are in business daily with Middle-Eastern drug traffickers who are intimately connected to terrorists; and promoting the drug trade and the liberalization of US drug laws is one way Obama has helped the funding of terrorist groups.

Thus, there is an established relationship between Mexicans belonging to the cartels and Middle-East terrorists.  So, who would be surprised to learn that other border crossers—possibly aided by drug-cartel coyotes—are coming into the country mostly undetected, often leaving behind abandoned prayer rugs and copies of the Koran?  We have heard more than a few such reports from border patrol officers, and this fact would serve to explain the Obama policy of trying to limit picture-taking in the region of the Mexican border to hoodwink the American public.  Obama well understands the power of visual imagery.  Indeed, it was visual images of Muslim beheadings on Facebook that resulted in the public outcry that Obama attack those responsible.

Obama the Political Animal

President Obama has, interestingly enough, timed his attack on ISIS to interfere with the news coverage of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi hearings that are going on in the House of Representatives right now.  It should also be noted that the president’s party is six weeks away from what has appeared to be a wipe-out, wave election in-the-making for Democrats.  All the while, 71% of the public has been demanding action against ISIS.

Knowing that everything Obama does is politically motivated to the maximum extent, it will be curious to see whether or not this war of his continues far into November.  Or will Obama—once the elections are a fait accompli—suddenly declare “mission accomplished”?

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