Obama Praises the Mosque of Oklahoma Beheader – the Day after His Victim is Buried!

In what I hope is only the most disgusting coincidence in the history of mankind, President Obama sent a government official to the Oklahoma mosque that Alton Nolen, the Oklahoma Beheader, attended. The government official carried a message for the mosque and the Muslims who worship there… a message of praise.

What makes this situation all the more unsettling was that the message was given on October 4th, the day after the Oklahoma Beheaders victim, Colleen Hufford, was laid to rest.

Alton Nolen murdered Colleen Hufford in the most violent and disturbing way that he could think of. And just two short weeks later he is praising the mosque that the man attended! If you are wondering if the President sent an official to Mrs. Hufford’s funeral… no, he did not. He hasn’t mentioned the tragic death in any statement over the last few weeks.

Colleen Hufford’s life was cut short by the blade of a Muslim fanatic who was trained at the local mosque – a mosque that former attenders say teaches that non-Muslims should be offered the chance to convert, live under Islamic rule, or be killed in jihad.

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Obama MuslimIt is to this mosque that President Obama sent the following message of praise (ostensibly for the work they did to help Moore, Oklahoma recover from the 2013 tornados).

“Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice.”

The mosque deserves no praise for helping to rebuild their own community. Every member of a community should be expected to take part if they desire to be a part of that community. But the problem here is larger – this mosque may very well be a breeding ground for the kind of radical Islamic terror that our nation is fighting overseas — and our President is praising them?

Obama had no message for the family of Colleen Hufford, so instead we’ll leave you with her family’s message to the rest of us.

“Losing our mom, wife and grandmother has been one of the most difficult challenges any of us have faced in our lives,” the statement said. “For her life to have been taken in such a tragic act of violence adds a depth of grief we are trying to comprehend.”

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