Obama Never Takes Responsibility

Obama is at it again. Fifty Americans are murdered in Orlando under his watch and he wants to deflect blame over to Donald Trump.



Obama is at it again.  Fifty Americans are murdered in Orlando under his watch and he wants to deflect blame over to Donald Trump.


Obama meets with his National  Security Council in Washington, Tuesday, June 14, 2016.


He says that Trump’s immigration proposals are dangerous.  So, let’s get this straight, the murders at the Pulse under his administration are not dangerous but Trump limiting terrorist immigrants is dangerous.  Does Obama ever take responsibility?  He claims that Trump’s  immigration plans are “not the America we want.”


So he thinks  we want an America where Mateen shoots a bunch of innocent party goers. That’s better than Trump banning non-vetted immigrants from terrorist countries.


Obama goes on about how tougher talk on terrorism would undermine American values.  As if his idea of simplistic progressive values is more important than saving lives.


Obama goes on that Trump’s ideas might make Muslim Americans feel betrayed by their government.    What about the dead who feel betrayed by  the government that didn’t protect them?


Obama rambles on about his usual trope, blaming our government for everything, “We’ve seen our government mistreat our fellow citizens and it has been a shameful part of our history.”


What? When? Why? Where?  The President can’t wait to hate his own country.  His voters are self-haters too.


Obama sticks up for his failure to use the phrase “radical Islam.” He says, “There’s no magic to the phrase ‘radical Islam,’” he said.


But there is magic to not using it. It shows sympathy with the enemy when there should only  be enmity.


Obama says that seeming to hate Muslims will make the country less safe by making Muslims think we hate them.  So we shouldn’t have bombed Nazis so they’d think we liked them and we’d be safe. Does he know anything about war?  Did he ever have a street fight as a boy  or did he hide beneath his mother’s communist skirts?


Obama says such labels will make us less safe by fueling the notion that the West hates Muslims.

If we don’t hate Muslims we should.  Every time we open the newspaper they  are killing innocent people.  Enough is enough. 


With Obama and Hillary there will only be more deaths.  We have a responsibility  to stop that. And the good Muslims have a responsibility to snitch on their terrorist brothers. Obama has a responsibility not to coddle them but to call them out for who they are—radical Islam.

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