Obama Must Hate Himself



So Obama is going to Cuba like a mindless vacationer visiting a dangerous, immoral jungle.  We have been at subtle diplomatic war with Cuba since 1959. The ghosts of the dead that Fidel killed are wandering the countryside.  The history of those who have lived in near poverty conditions wander the cities.


The memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis is no longer there. Obama is an adolescent who has no memory.  He just wants change.  His mantra since his election has always been change.  He pretends that change is for the better but under his tutelage it has never been for the better. He offers us worse and is our worst president.


He has opened up opportunities for Cubans but, as usual, has provided none for ourselves.


He will joyfully party in Havana like he has done something for Americans. But who needs that bitter, little impoverished island?


We should make them earn their way back into a relationship with us.  Obama always sides with the failures as if we were giving bonuses and get out of free cards to prisoners.


He is a millionaire with the highest position in the world yet he seems to despise himself so much that he identifies with the dregs and pretends that it is not self-hatred but love for the bedraggled.

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