Obama as Major Tom

I have nothing to say but I feel like saying it when I discover

Where it is hiding.


I have a hunch.

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It’s that Obama is out of touch;

He is Major Tom,

He lost the pragmatic stick that could guide him back

To earth


Obama is floating in the atmosphere.

“Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown,

Engines on

Check ignition

And may God’s love be with you.”


Except Obama only pretends to believe in God

And he has legalized the confusion between the sexes.


Obama’s sitting in a tin can.

He is trapped in his ideology like Alinksy.

“Planet earth is blue”

And Obama does what he can do which is use a clichéd brain

To organize a variegated cosmos.


Obama didn’t even show up at his classes at Columbia.

Mediocrity is not an incentive for attendance.


He is king of the world,

The spiritual element in the universe.

When his spaceship disappears he says,

“Tell my wife I love her very much

she knows.”


He destroys the economy,

The veterans,

Health care,

The borders,

The IRS,


The Middle East

And our sexual values.


Obama is floating round in his tin can,

His citizens are blue

And there are not enough jobs for us to do.

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