Obama Likes Prisoners More Than Victims

Obama Likes Prisoners More Than Victims


President Obama can’t wait to turn the military prisoners loose from Guantanamo Bay. What’s the rush?  It’s like he wants to be a liberator of terrorists rather than a conqueror of our enemies.


He is like a swimming instructor for sharks.  His speeches are a mouthful of minnows and small ideas.


He recently turned loose Ibrahim al-Quosi who was a high-ranking bodyguard for Osama bin Laden. He claimed he was his cook.  Al-Quosi is an expert at firing rocket-propelled grenades.  Just what we need running around shooting at us from the desert. He’s hanging out  in Yemen now, stronger than he was before.


Oh, you were shot by al-Quosi?  Don’t feel bad.  The President wanted it that way.  He thinks that your death will build good will with the enemies. Your death is a form of appeasement.


Why would Obama release such a dangerous enemy combatant?  Does he think that al-Quosi  is more of a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda than a turned-loose weapon for al-Qaeda?


Al-Quosi who had the best accommodations at Gitmo had no reason to hate the United States and if anything would have recruited prisoners to enjoy the prison facilities.


What does Obama know about prisons?  He is always finding reasons to let prisoners go, whether terrorists or drug dealers. Does he think that prisoners are locked up because they are innocent?


So far twelve terrorist have been released from Gitmo and one in three have gone back to fighting against us. Obama is releasing terrorists to kill us.  And he has been forceful about this.  Why?  Isn’t it treason to release our enemies to kill us?


Obama is so stupidly ideological that he is more interested in kindness to convicts than safety for victims.


Each death is on Obama’s head.  His intelligence is buried with his soldier’s heads.  He would rather let us die than to put up resistance to the enemy.


Obama is good at giving up.  A lot of kids must have stolen his lunch money  in junior high. He might be good as a community organizer,  a camp counselor or a prison priest or imam.  He is certainly the opposite of a Commander-in-Chief.


Obama’s philosophy is the definition of surrender. It’s funny that he thinks Republicans are afraid of Muslims when he himself is afraid of everything.

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