What Obama Should do About ISIS

ISIS has been dominating the Middle East recently, and they still would be, had America not launched F/A-18 fighter jets to bomb the jihadists back to their land of bee-crap and 72 virgins. But the right needs to be careful. History shows that war helps boost a President’s approval rating. The question conservatives need to ask is this: will Obama finally play hardball and bomb ISIS for political gain?

Do not misunderstand — I hate ISIS.

They have beheaded innocent civilians, and in doing so, have justified American action to her fullest extent. America has a range of weapons, from some of the greatest ground forces ever seen, to ICBM nuclear missiles. We could wipe ISIS off the map with the turn of a key. But what will happen to the 2014 elections if Obama successfully launches a coalition against ISIS? Yes ISIS would surely be destroyed, but so would the Republican’s chances of gaining the Senate. A full on assault against ISIS would show the American people that Obama is serious about attacking terrorism (can you imagine the liberal propaganda if Obama could claim victory against both ISIS and bin Laden?), which would kill the Republican’s foreign policy argument against the Democrats. I can see Obama’s approval rating skyrocketing above 55% in the event of a victory against ISIS.

Obama PutinWhat should America do? First off, we need to make amends with Russia in the Middle East and help Assad win the Syrian civil war. Can you imagine how bad this situation would be if we had helped the terrorists… I mean rebels… in the Syrian conflict? The world would be calling us a bunch of idiots if we would have helped them, and helped ISIS gain even more power and land and then they started beheading people…

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Obama had it all wrong from the start it seems. Turns out Assad is the lesser of the two evils in Syria…

What should the right hope Obama does? To quote Dark Helmet, “Absolutely Nothing.” Is it risky? It is, but if we have hope for the American republic, we need to risk it. America screwed up when we re-elected Obama. We have gone so far that we need to risk a terror threat growing in order to preserve America’s chances at maintaining a republic. How sad is that?

My friends, America is at a turning point.

The Republicans need to take a majority in the Senate and keep control of the House. We need to continue supplying the Kurds (and maybe start a campaign to restore their sovereignty?) to fight ISIS effectively. We now need to decide whether to risk a terror attack or to save our freedom. Which course of action should America take? Please start a CONSTRUCTIVE and PEACEFUL conversation/debate in the comment section below. Also, I am going to be hosting a live Q&A on Twitter as the questions come in. I will answer questions regarding Ukraine. Follow me @youngpublius and throw me a tweet to get your questions answered.

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