Obama is the Terrorists and Drug Dealers Best Friend!



Obama loves to release terrorists and drug dealers.  It’s a form of self-hatred.  His black half hates his white and his white half hates his black.


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Drug dealers and terrorists are the racial part of his self that he hates. He pretends he is releasing criminals out of kindness but I believe it is self-hatred.  He wants to get rid of them as he wants to get rid of his racial overtones.


That he turns these monsters lose as pariahs on the public is no concern of his. His only concern is making psychological peace with himself.


He wants to get rid of himself because he hates himself for secretly feeling unworthy while he is masquerading as president.


He is the greatest success in history who feels like a secret failure. He is a joke that failed but succeeded with a lame electorate audience.  His fans laugh when they should cry.  They applaud when they should slap themselves for electing a jerk.


Decapitated heads are not golf balls. They are the result of a President who would rather retreat than fight.


So once again Obama is planning to transfer about twelve inmates from Gitmo to other countries.

Prison reminds him that he is imprisoned in his hypocritical soul.


There are still 91 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.  He is hoping to release all of them.  It doesn’t bother him that previous freed prisoners have returned to terrorism and to kill American soldiers.  Is Obama a covert operator for jihadism?


Instead of releasing more prisoners Obama should concentrate on capturing more jihadists.  He should try to avoid the murders of Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino.


Obama thinks Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists.  He doesn’t realize that releasing prisoners to re-enter terrorism is instantaneous recruitment.


In Obama’s self-hatred he is releasing drug dealers in addition to terrorists.  I spent two years in a federal facility with drug dealers.  What does wimpy, mousey Obama think he knows about the subject?

Does he know half these drug dealers have done other more serious crimes?  Why give them a break? They were doing fine taking their punishments like men.  Why does he have to turn them into entitled adolescents like the millennials?


When I was in jail I was a short termer.  It was embarrassing.  I wanted to do more time just to be a man.  Values are upside down in jail.  Someone tell the president.


Racist Obama wants to release crack dealers because he feels that there long sentences are prejudiced against blacks.  He doesn’t give a damn that crack dealers have ruined whole black neighborhoods. He doesn’t care that crack is a violent drug and that a black friend of mine chopped up his whole family with a machete when he was on crack.


Obama feels that blacks got longer sentences than whites.  I knew an albino in jail who was serving forty years for flying drugs into the country.  Obama knows s…t.


He keeps letting his black and white halves argue with each other.  He always favors the black.  And yet he has always acted white.  He is almost a WASP.  He is the perfect black snob wishing he was white. When I was young I was the perfect Jew trying to be an Anglo-Saxon.  We always wish we were what we weren’t and hate what we wish we were.


So Mr. Big-hearted Obama will release the terrorists and the drug dealers. Maybe he wants to be Christ.  However, instead of the Son of God he is a sniveling liberal making capital out of his putative generosity.

He delivers the Sermon on the Mount but does nothing to defend it.


Obama wants to be fair to minorities. I don’t know why he wants to do it by being unfair to the majority.


Letting terrorists and drug dealers go is not clemency.  It is punishing the innocent for the liberal releases by the stupid of the vicious.


It is the result of an argument between black Obama and white Obama.

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