Obama is Better Off HIDING From His Own Legacy


Obama is worried about his legacy.  He is better off hiding from it. To my mind he is the worst President in American history.  He has embarrassed the black America by doing such a bad job.  He has turned hope into failure, change into static redundancy.

If I were black I would turn over the ace of spades and replace it with a reasonable three of clubs. Forget show off, nouveau riche, over-spending Presidents. 

I wouldn’t want to be associated with the President.  I am Jewish and I don’t want to be associated with liberal Jews.  To improve our own we must reject our own.

Obama dictatorially says, “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election.”  In other words if we don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, whom he considers black even though she is stone white, Obama will consider us low-lifes.

Obama thinks that transgenders get to determine their sex.  I suppose he thinks Hillary and Bill get to determine their color.

Obama stood up for change.  I did not think that he wanted to change the electorate’s votes to positions that he wanted to dominate.

Obama further says, “You wanna gimme a good sendoff? Go vote!”   It’s not bad enough that he ruled by executive order,  he now wants to choose voters and votes.

Mussolini looked milquetoast compared to Obama.

Obama talks about black people as if they were his slaves.  He is insulted by slavery but encourages it in voting.

Don’t forget that he received 95 percent of the black vote making them look stupid and monolithically prejudiced. The voters put him in a second term after he failed during his first.

Black economic behavior has failed since Obama took office. The Mideast has become a tinder box.  His legacy is decapitated heads in the desert.  And American cities are rioting over racial antagonism that hasn’t existed in fifty  years.

Religious Jihad in the Middle East.  Racial Jihad in our angry cities.

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