Obama is at Fault for America’s Big Divide



Sometimes my thoughts run away from me and return

In failure like bagels and lox on a sunny afternoon in June.

The stench of living is the desire for failure.

You don’t know better but you know worse.

You voted for Obama.

Forgive me if I laugh at your naïve enthusiasm.

I climbed Mt. Everest in my imagination because I wanted drama

And to die in the third act.

I am afraid of heights but want to climb across a ladder

Over a crater.

Sometimes my language gets a head of me.

I can’t stand the Muslims’ decapitations.

Obama is fascinated with their brutality.

Were any of the French peasants worth Marie Antoinette’s head?

The problem with the American Revolution is that it created


Black Lives Don’t Matter when blacks kill themselves

At fifty a day in Chicago.

Obama could have been great.

He wasn’t.

He looked so good in his suit but his underwear was filled

With liberal gonorrhea.

He unified the country in hatred.

In jail they used to say “Why can’t we all just get along?”

And this was before Obama encouraged the great divide.

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