Obama on Immigration – “I’m going to do what I need to do”

President Obama continues to threaten Republicans (and the rest of the nation) that he will sign an Executive Order forcing amnesty upon America if Congress does not act before the New Year. Republicans who have been elected to the next Congress continue to argue that such a move would be disastrous, as it would be an abuse of Presidential power. Also, the President’s time table does not allow Congressional Republicans any time to work towards a solution that both sides might find amenable.

Herman Cain was on the Fox Business News show Varney and Co. to discuss the possible ramifications of the President going it alone on amnesty, and Cain thinks the outcome would not be good.

Pres. Obama says if he doesn’t get a bill he likes on immigration, he’s going to take executive action. Herman Cain responds: 

“As Speaker Boehner says, it poisons the well, definitely.”

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“The President claims that he heard the voters, but he really didn’t. They want government to focus on the economy, jobs… [Pres. Obama] is trying to divert attention from what the Republicans want to do.”


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