Obama: ‘I Felt Serenity When Trump was Elected’

Former President Barack Obama claims that he felt a ‘sense of serenity’ when Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.

I wonder if this is because he thought he had enough spies and bugs in place to know Trump’s every move before it happened. Hmmm…

Obama told Prince Harry during an interview with BBC, “The first thing that went through my mind was, sitting across from Michelle, how thankful I was that she had been my partner through that whole process.”

IJR reports: 

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The former president added that while he felt a “satisfying feeling” at the conclusion of his time in office, he was still concerned with “all the work that was still undone.”

He had “Concerns about how the country [would move] forward,” Obama said, “but you know, overall there was serenity there. More than I would have expected.”

Obama left the presidency on a high note in the eyes of the American people, with a rising approval rating of 60 percent. Trump entered the White House with a historically low approval rating of 44 percent and has remained one of the most unpopular presidents in modern U.S. history, according to polls.

“One of the metaphors that I always used for the presidency is that you are a relay runner,” Obama continued, “There is the sense sometimes in any position of leadership that you, by yourself, do certain things and then it’s over and I always viewed it as taking the baton from a whole range of people who had come before me. Some of whom had been heroic and some of whom had screwed up.”

“But wherever you were in the race: If you ran hard, if you did your best, and that you then were able to pass that baton off successfully and the country was better off, the world was a little bit better off, then when you got there, then you could take some pride in that,” he concluded, “And I think we were able to do that.”

Sounds to me like he is still trying to make people believe Trump’s success was set up by him beforehand. Boy, sit down!

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