Obama Giving Felons a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card




Obama has just freed another 95 cons.  Wow.  He wants to make himself into Pontius Pilate freeing Barabbas.  But he is freeing the wrong ones.  Freeing troublemakers does not free us from trouble. It troubles us.


Obama is doing everything to upset the values of our society.  He is further endangering us by encouraging inadequately vetted Syrian refugees to come here.  He has reinvented racial strife.  He is attacking the sanctity of marriage with the allowance of same sex perversion. He is grabbing Jewish votes while endangering us in Israel and weakening the Jewish image so that other racists attack Jews.


Obama has weakened our army so that Muslims think we are a joke and attack us throughout the world.  He has made our exceptionalism unexceptional.


He thinks he is a beautiful human being by letting prisoners go and endangering us.  He says he is only letting nonviolent prisoners go but in the criminal community there is a thin line between violence and non-violence.


I did two years minimum fed time.  If I were there, I wouldn’t want his stupid pardons.  I thought jail was a punishment that I was ready to take.  Giving me the easy way out would have opened the door to recidivism.


Obama  can shove his faux generosity up his butt.  I would want to serve out my time.  No need to see him feeling better about himself for a break I wouldn’t want.


He is a mouse.  He thinks all prisoners are like him.  We aren’t.  We accept our punishments even if it is for a stupid offense like mine –tax evasion. It’s ridiculous that I went to jail for it while he spends all our tax money putting us into twenty trillion dollars in debt.


Obama  should be in prison for a destructive ideology. And believe me, I wouldn’t give him a stupid early release.

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