Obama Frustrated by 2014 Election Results – Thought Democrats had done a Good Job


We may actually have a bigger problem than we realized, folks. We thought that President Obama was either an evil genius planted as a Manchurian Candidate by liberals in an effort to destroy our nation, but the truth may be even worse. President Obama may actually be an insane egomaniac who thinks that he (and his Democrat cohorts) are actually doing a “good” job!

Ahhhhh! Run for hills, amiright?

I mean seriously, who could possibly be that delusional? And if you are that delusional, how in the world do you get elected President of a country?

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The President was speaking with Steve Inskeep from NPR when he let slip that he was frustrated about the recent election because he believed that the Democrats “had a great record…to run on…”

I kid you not! Listen here



I can always do better in every aspect of my job and congressional relations isn’t exempt from that. I think the circumstances will have changed, though.

I’m obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election. I think we had a great record for members of Congress to run on and I — I don’t think we — myself and the Democratic Party made as good of a case as we should have. And, you know, as a consequence, we had really low voter turnout and the results were bad.

On the other hand, now you’ve got Republicans in a position where it’s not enough for them simply to grind the wheels of Congress to a halt and then blame me. They are going to be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly govern, given that they have significant majorities in both chambers. 

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