Obama, You Didn’t Even Kill ‘Infirm’ Osama!



Obama talks about the long delayed raid on bin Laden as if he were there risking his mama’s jeans.  As if he originated the courier information rather than stole it from Bush’s water board torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


Battle-afraid Obama said on CNN that “it gave him satisfaction to think that in his final moments, bin Laden would have realized that an American had come to take revenge or seek justice for the 3,000 Americans who were killed on 9/11.”


Hey, having Navy Seals kill Osama, an old infirm man walking with a staff,  no matter his guilt, does not revenge or justice make.  Justice would have been torturing bin Laden, his family and killing at least three thousand al-Qaeda to make up for the Americans murdered on  9/11.


Under Obama’s effeminate reign we have attempted proportionate killing.  But it is always disproportionate in that more of us are killed than them.  In any event how do you look at something as vicious as killing as subject to the temperate rules of proportion.


When are we going to start treating our enemies like they are not human beings but weapons used for our destruction?


When are we going to get our enemies back for torturing us by torturing them?  When are we going to realize that it is ridiculous to blow them up in the desert but to be afraid to modestly water board them?


We dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. We drop pamphlets on al-Qaeda.  Obama drops rhetoric on the American people about how peaceful Muslims are and how he loves the song of their call to prayer.


I remember Biden taking credit for killing bin Laden and destroying al-Qaeda. Well, he and Obama weren’t  in Pakistan and al-Qaeda is still destroying people all over the world.  And what about Isis?


The Obama administration not only fails to protect us, it takes credit for accomplishments it never accomplishes.


Are we stupid?  Yes.  Are we blinded by allegiance to the Democrat party?  Yes. Are we becoming a Third World Power?  Yes.  We should let Obama take credit for weakening us not for killing bin Laden.

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