Obama DHS Official Weighs in on Christian Persecution in Egypt

Former Obama era Department of Homeland Security official Mohamed Elibiary has a message for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East… ‘what goes around comes around.’

Apparently, Elibiary believes that the Coptic Christians in Egypt who have been all but wiped out by murderous Muslim extremism over the last thousand years deserve their fate because of the nebulous past crimes of their forefathers.

Here’s what Elibiary tweeted on Sunday after reading an article in a recent issue of ISIS’ magazine:

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As the Daily Caller explains, the word “Subhanallah” means “praise Allah.” By the context you can see that Elibiary is actually praising his god for the violence that today’s Coptic Christian community is facing at the hands of ISIS.

The Daily Caller also give a little background on the article that Elibiary was speaking of:

The first article in the new issue is titled “The Ruling on the Belligerent Christians,” and explicitly praises the recent ISIS terror attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt, also calling for more deadly attacks against Christians and their property. Elibiary referred to this call and other contents in the article as “otherizing” in his tweet.

“From among these blessed deeds were the successive attacks which the soldiers of the Islamic State in Misr1 and Sinai carried out against the Christians in those lands, targeting them with killings and assassinations, and afflicting their churches with burning and explosions,” the article in Rumiyah states. “Thus, they brought upon them tremendous detriment and deepened their wounds. The last of the blessed attacks against them were the simultaneous explosions at two of their largest churches, one in northern Misr and the other in southern Misr, in the cities of Alexandria and Tanta on their holiday on the 12th of the month of Rajab in the year 1438.”

The Middle East and North Africa were once home to thriving communities of Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities. Today, those populations have been all but eliminated and these nations are now upwards of 90% Muslim.

Elibiary’s disgusting comments come just one month after the most recent massacre of Egypt’s Christians during their Easter holiday celebrations, and a wave of violence being experienced by Christians across the nation:

Below is a list of Christians murdered in al-Arish in recent days and weeks:

  • January 30:  A 35-year-old Christian was in his small shop working with his wife and young son when three masked men walked in, opened fire on him, instantly killing the Copt.  The murderers then sat around his table, eating chips and drinking soda, while the body lay in a pool of blood before the terrified wife and child. 
  • February 13: A 57-year-old Christian laborer was shot and killed as he tried to fight off masked men trying to kidnap his young son from off a crowded street in broad daylight.   After murdering the father, they seized his young son and took him to an unknown location (where, per precedent, he is likely being tortured, possibly already killed, if a hefty ransom was not already paid). 
  • February 16: A 45-year-old Christian schoolteacher was moonlighting at his shoe shop with his wife, when masked men walked in the crowded shop and shot him dead.
  • February 17:  A 40-year-old medical doctor was killed by masked men who, after forcing him to stop his car, opened fire on and killed him.  He too leaves a widow and two children.

It is likely that more Christians have been slain recently in Sinai; because they are being killed in quick succession, it is not clear if ongoing reports are documenting the same or new incidences. 

As more “liberals” like Mohamed Elibiary rise to positions of power in our government and in the governments of other Western nations, you can be sure that the West will soon stop caring about the violence against Christians in the Muslim world. In fact, much like Elibiary, they’ll start arguing that the poor Christian minorities actually deserve the violence and terrorism they’re facing.

God help us.

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