Obama Campaigns With Democrat Accused Of Sexual Misconduct #MeToo

Obama campaigns with fellow Democrat Gil Cisneros, who is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from a fellow Democrat.

Obama is just another despised Democrat that doesn’t know when to go away. He is a traitor and has led subversive efforts to undermine President Trump at every turn.

Didn’t the left start the me too movement? All democrats totally lack ethics.


Former President Barack Obama campaigned Saturday in Anaheim, California, with Democrat Gil Cisneros, who is facing accusations of sexual misconduct from a fellow Democrat.

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Obama took the stage next to Cisneros at a rally that featured all seven Democrats running for Congress in key districts targeted by the party in the state. Each district is currently represented by a Republican but voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Obama seemed unperturbed by the allegations against Cisneros, declaring: “We could not be prouder of Gil.”[…]

Others on the left, such as the activists of UltraViolet, which opposes sexual misconduct, have called on Democrats to withdraw their support for Cisneros — but Obama, apparently, has refused.

Obama greeted Cisneros as the candidate mounted the stage. More

Fox News:

Yet Obama’s backing of Cisneros, who’s running against Republican Young Kim, raises concerns in the light of the #MeToo era. The former president initially snubbed Cisneros and didn’t endorse him, for reasons that remain unclear, though likely are related to the allegations against the candidate.

Democratic activist and documentary filmmaker Melissa Fazli, who ran an unsuccessful primary ampaign for a state Assembly seat in California, accused Cisneros of propositioning to her during the California Democratic Party Convention in San Diego in February.

Fazli accused Cisneros of seeming intoxicated during a conversation in an elevator about donations to her campaign, then asking her, “Should we go back to your room?”

Fazli claims she spoke with Cisneros over the phone again regarding the donations. Cisneros allegedly asked her, “What are you going to do for me?” in a suggestive manner. More

Does the “Bubba Clinton Rule” allow for any disgusting activity as long as you walk and talk the leftist line?

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