Obama Campaign Manager says if Jeb Bush Doesn’t Win Nomination “On His Own Terms” the GOP Will Lose 2016

Surprise, surprise.

The liberal former campaign manager for President Obama, David Axelrod, thinks that the GOP is doomed if they don’t do things the way Democrats want to do them. Axelrod was speaking at an event in Washington, D.C. when he explained that the only GOP candidate who could win was Jeb Bush, and the only way that he could win would be to run “on his own terms.”

What does “his own terms” mean? It means that Axelrod (and other Democrats) believe that the only way the GOP can win is if they embrace the liberal policy positions that Jeb Bush has – especially on Illegal Immigration and Amnesty.

This may not surprise many readers – but I disagree. For Republicans to win in 2016 they are going to have to finally embrace the conservative wing of the party. Over the last couple of national elections we have seen that conservatives will simply not turn out for a moderate, squishy candidate – á la Jeb Bush. Mitt Romney and John McCain have already offered us similar opportunities, and the GOP base simply won’t vote for that kind of moderate.

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Axelrod is wrong – what the GOP needs is a conservative who will articulate our ideas in a way that connects with the average American. Conservative principles are all about prosperity, equality and freedom… these are the issues that will win us the day. Not giving amnesty to law breakers.



Former Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod


First of all, any candidate that doesn’t recognize that (the changing demographics of the USA) is a candidate who is not going to be president of the United States. Because we’ve become even more diverse than we were before — which I think is a strength. My father was an immigrant, I’m sure there are plenty of other people here with immigrant families.

Our families contributed greatly to this country as this generation of immigrants does. I revel in the diversity, in fact we live in a country that draws people because it is a place where you can get ahead.

I think the great issue for 2016 though is can you get ahead? The greatest challenge facing us is the one the president articulated in the state of the union, for a long time exacerbated by the crisis that in the 21st century, given the forces of technology and globalization and what they have done in terms of marginalizing the middle class, deadening the ability for economic mobility, what is our strategy to push back on that?

And I think the candidate who can really paint a picture for what that strategy should be is going to be the most compelling candidate..

Just one more point on the emerging America: The Republican Party will not be a national party — can not win a national election — until they embrace the reality of the emerging America. I think one of the interesting subtexts — a thing to watch in the 2016 campaign. Watch Gov. Bush, because he seems determined to stick to his position on immigration reform, and that is anathema to large numbers of the — at least to the core of his party.

And he’s made the decision, at least he says, he’s either going to win the nomination on his own terms, or he will lose and the Republican Party will probably lose as well. I think their chances of winning will very much center on what happens with that experiment, because what has happened in the last couple of cycles — conservatives say we’ve had center right candidates and we’ve lost, so we need a real conservative, but really what they had are center right candidates who made Faustian bargains and gave up their center right status and submitted to the positions of the right wing of the party, in order to be the nominee, thus rendering themselves un-electable.

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