Obama as the Cowardly Lion



Obama has blocked seventy-five per cent of our airstrikes on ISIS  and has only accomplished a total of 8000 airstrikes in a year.


Considering that Obama inadvertently created ISIS out of removing forces from Iraq and not defending  his Red Line in Syria,  one would think that he would be more aggressive in trying to kill his impromptu monsters. 


I visualize Obama wandering around the desert in a mantel of peace. He is wearing robes like Christ or Arab women. He says all the right things but ends up with mud and blood in his hands.  


Obama is not a Commander-in-Chief but a Failure-in-Peace.  His tolerance of others’ violence becomes an intolerable acceptance of violence against the West.


Unfortunately, Obama’s  plan for peace is weak and leads to beheadings and rapes.  Never has a man’s intentions fallen so far from his failed deeds.


While the Obama administration blocks 75 per cent of their bombings on terror targets, H.W. Bush dropped a 1000 bombs a day in The Gulf War in 1991.  He did  100,000 air strikes, unlike Obama’s 8000. 


 Obama says that he has contained spreading ISIS.  But he has restrained from containing Isis and contained us. 


Life is contained by fear.  We are right to be fearful with such a cowardly leader who claims that Syrian refugees are girls and nursery school students. 


Even if they  are, which they are not, what’s to keep these barbaric male Muslims from strapping suicide belts on the children.


Obama pretends to be brave from behind an army of secret service men.  But if you look down the Yellow Brick Road you’ll see that he is the Cowardly Lion.

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