Obama Appoints a Drag Queen to the Advisory Council



Have you seen a picture of Obama’s recent appointee for the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships?   It is a horrid man who is dressed as an ugly woman who goes by the name of Barbara Satin.


I am politically incorrect therefore I am politically incorrect. The world is multifarious.  So are opinions. If you can’t recognize ugliness you can’t appreciate beauty.


I know looks aren’t supposed to matter but they do. The world is divided into beautiful, ugly and so so.  Barbara Satin is not so so.  He is not a model like Gigi Hadid or Heidi Klum who earns millions.  He is a freak that bears no relation to nature and is distorted by confused self-identification.


If I feel  sorry  for Barbara  I feel sorry for him.  It will not raise his cheek bones or broaden his hips. When he puts lipstick on his lips he looks like a psychotic clown out to kill children in the playground.


Obama in his desire to confuse traditional values and the sexes has tried to make this oddity part of the new mainstream orthodoxy of weirdness.


Barbara Satin and the Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships influence grants to churches on social programs. In his  social, ideological and sexual confusion he has become a beacon to light the lost to further perverted thinking.


So Obama, who loves to be first, has made Barbara Satin the first openly transgender member of the United Church of Christ’s executive council.


Add that to his being the first President to reopen relations with communist Cuba and the first to pave the way to Iran acquiring  nuclear weapons.  Obama  has quite a dossier of horrible firsts.


Satin retired from public relations at 54 to explore his gender identity.  Some misguided therapist helped him adopt a transgender identity.  We’ll see where that goes. A good percentage of these people commit suicide.  Happiness does not come from pretending you are something other than what you are.


Liberal ideas lead to death like pacifistic ones where Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq and Isis sprung up. Retreat has chalked up how many decapitations?


What Obama thinks he is doing by appointing a transgender to the board, I have no idea.  He is a confused egomaniac who acts like God and interferes with lives he doesn’t understand. He is detail-intelligent but philosophically obtuse. 


A shame America’s electorate is such a failure.  A shame that blacks vote in blocks rather than on the basis of character.  Damn that Democrats protect each other and are still lining up behind Hillary who is being investigated for a possible felony.


As for Barbara Satin? If you can’t line up your genitals with  your identity, you are not fit to make decisions for others.

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