Obama Announces Whom he’s Endorsing in French Election [VIDEO]

If Obama were French, he’d be voting for Emmanuel Macron in the upcoming election. There’s a surprise.

Here’s what Obama had to say in a video expressing his support for the French establishment candidate Macron:

I’ve always been grateful for the friendship of the French people, and for the work we did together when I was President of the United States. 

I’m not planning to get involved in many elections now that I don’t have to run for office again, but the French election is very important to the future of France and the values that we care so much about. Because the success of France matters to the entire world. 

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I have admired the campaign that Emmanuel Macron has run. He has stood up for liberal values. He put forward the vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world. And he has committed to a better future for French people. He appeals to people’s hopes, and not their fears. And I enjoyed speaking to Emmanuel recently to hear about his independent movement and vision for the future of France. 

I know that you face many challenges, and I want all of my friends in France to know how much I am rooting for your success. Because of how important this election is, I also want you to know that I am supporting Emmanuel Macron to lead you forward. 

En marche. Vive la France. 

Macron faces off in a run-off election May 7 against Marine Le Pen, whose supporters Macron has described as ‘hateful’ and ‘cowardly.’

“They’re here. It’s they. It’s they who are our true enemies,” Macron said of Le Pen’s supporters. “Powerful, organized, skillful, determined. You pass them in the streets, in the countryside or on the web, most often well hidden. As hateful as they are cowardly. You know them. The party of the agents of the disaster, the fearmongerers. The French far-right. It’s here.”

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