Obama Administration Official Admits that He Lied to Congress about Deporting Illegals

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz has been sharpening his reputation as one tough customer on the Hill. He has apprenticed under Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and has had a front row seat to the cross-examination practices of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Needless to say, Chaffetz has become quite good at making Democrat cronies of President Obama look foolish… though men like Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson don’t need much help looking foolish.

On Tuesday Chaffetz and Johnson went head to head over a promise that Johnson had previously made to make sure that four men caught crossing our southern border illegally, and who belong to a terrorist organization, would be deported. Well, surprise, surprise… guess what? Not only have those four men NOT been deported… we have no idea where two of those men have gone!

I kid you not, folks.

The Obama administration had caught four members of a terrorist organization sneaking into our country illegally, and they have lost track of two these criminal terrorists! The administration promised to deport these four men four months ago… and yet NONE of the four have yet to be deported.

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From the Blaze:


“Did you deport them?” the Utah representative asked Johnson.

“Uh, no. Not at this point,” Johnson answered.

“What is the disposition of those four people,” Chaffetz pressed.

“Two are detained, the two others were released by the judge — uh, not my preference — they were released by the judge and they fled to Canada and they are seeking asylum in Canada,” the homeland secretary responded, before placing blame on an immigration judge for releasing two of the four men.

Chaffetz then asked if the U.S. was aware of the location in Canada the two fled to.

“I’m not sure about their exact whereabouts, sir,” Johnson answered, later adding that he wanted the two brought back to the U.S.

“Mr. Secretary, this is the problem,” Chaffetz said. “You come, and you say — you tell the world that you’re going to deport these four people tied to — these are terrorists and you don’t. They get released.”



I guess this is just life in Obama’s America – where terrorists who are caught breaking the law get a free pass, and law abiding American citizens are called racists for getting mad about it.

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