NYT Admits Breitbart Diversity

In fact, Breitbart diversity matches or exceeds the diversity of many liberal publications.

In a long hit piece in New York Times Magazine, Wil S. Hylton acknowledges Breitbart diversity. The publication has done as good a job or better at having women and minorities on their staff as other publications that claim to value diversity.

I wonder if Dana Perino will fit Hylton’s observations into her “Nazi” characterization of Breitbart.

Breitbart reports, “NYT Magazine: Breitbart News Has a ‘Record of Promoting Women and Minorities’

The New York Times Magazine acknowledges in an exhaustive feature that Breitbart News — and more pointedly, its editor-in-chief Alex Marlow — has amassed a news and editorial staff with more racial and gender diversity than most American media outlets.

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“[…] Alex has a pretty good record of promoting women and minorities, at least by the industry’s abysmal standards — including the lead defense correspondent, the national security editor, and the copy chief, all of whom are women of color,” Wil S. Hylton writes in the near-nine thousand word expose published Wednesday.

“In fact, the masthead is more varied and international than most of the news organizations where I’ve worked,” notes Hylton, whose byline has appeared in GQ, Esquire, and Harper’s dating back to 2003.

Read the whole Breitbart article.

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