NYPD Police Chief Admits that Liberal Mayor has Lost Trust of the Police

NYPD police commissioner, Bill Bratton, was a guest Monday morning on NBC’s Today Show, where he was interviewed by Matt Lauer. The Commissioner made it quite clear that the killing of the two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were in retaliation for the death of Eric Garner (and Michael Brown – though that happened near St. Louis, MO and had nothing to do with the NYPD) and that the killings were tied to the many demonstrations that have since taken place blaming the NYPD for his death.



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I think he has lost it with some officers. I was at the hospital when that event occurred….I don’t support that particular activity, I don’t think it was appropriate, particularly in that setting, but it’s reflective of the anger of some of them…

It’s quite obvious that the targeting of these two police officers was a direct spinoff of the issues of these demonstrations,” Bratton said.

Any casual observer could have told you that the NYPD was at odds with Mayor Bill de Blasio, but the idea that the Police Commissioner would stand up and admit (on National TV no less) that the Mayor had lost the trust of “some” in the NYPD is shocking and revealing. It is shocking because in this day and age of instant media, this kind of statement is exactly the sort of things politicians (and their subordinates) are told to NEVER admit. It’s revealing because it is proof positive that conditions in New York City must be out of control for a city official of Bratton’s stature to be willing to admit that de Blasio has lost his police force.

While many hold de Blasio at last partially responsible for the deaths of the two officers, not everyone is willing to go that far.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) says that while he doesn’t blame Mayor de Blasio for the deaths of these men, he does hold him responsible for allowing an atmosphere of hatred towards the NYPD to grow and fester.

“I don’t put the blood of these police officers on the mayor’s doorstep. I lost police officers, Bloomberg lost police officers. What I do hold him responsible for is letting those demonstrations get out of control. … He’s guilty of creating an atmosphere of police hatred in certain communities.”

And some New Yorkers don’t care about the politics of any of this. They simply care that they won’t be seeing their father anymore. Thirteen-year-old Jaden Ramos is the son of Officer Rafael Ramos and will spend the rest of his life missing his dad because some lunatic decided to end his life. Jaden updated his Facebook on Saturday with two simply heartbreaking messages.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.51.39 PM

The idea that this boy lost his dad simply because his dad was a police officer should sicken even the hardest-hearted race-baiting protester. The death of Eric Garner was a tragedy but had nothing to do with the color of his skin. Now two NYPD officers (neither Caucasian, by the way) have lost their lives, and their families will forever be in pain at the pointless loss of life.

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