NY Times Writer on Democratic Party: ‘There is no Leadership Right Now, There is Such a Vacuum’ [VIDEO]

I remember it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were saying that the GOP was going to fold up like a cheap suit come November, and that Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency in an electoral college landslide.

I think it’s fairly clear that that’s not exactly what happened. It’s sort of played out like every global warming alarmist’s doomsday scenario that was supposed to be happening by now.

Both parties have gone through tough times. They’ve both had their ups and downs. Now, it’s the Democrats’ turn to deal with hard times, and the Republicans’ turn to try to lead. The problem is that neither party handles either of those positions well at all. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have the wherewithal or the humility to lead. And both sides get bitter when they’re in the minority.

The Democrats are still in autopsy mode as they attempt to dissect their party to determine cause of death. Many are in denial and are still trying to find ways of blaming Russia. But some of the more honest ones have come forward and pointed out that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate to nominate. Some are acknowledging that she was the wrong nominee. Not that Bernie could have necessarily beaten Trump (he could have). But not disenfranchising Sanders’ supporters at the expense of ‘inclusiveness’ would have helped to maintain any stability the party had left.

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Democrats now have their sights set on the midterm elections. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says that these midterms are going to be the most important for the Democrats since 1974, when Gerald Ford had just replaced the disgraced Richard Nixon. Republicans seats in the House and Senate, allowing the Democrats to increase their majority in the House beyond the two-thirds threshold.

Could the anti-Trump sentiment that the media wants us to believe is sweeping the nation, be able to fuel something similar next year? Here’s a brief exchange on Morning Joe with Jeremy Peters of the New York Times:

Joe Scarborough:  If you’re a Democrat, you’ve got the most important midterm elections since – maybe ’06? I would say since 1974 – who knows? But they are absolutely critical to the future of this Democratic Party. 

Jeremy Peters, New York Times:  Well it’s funny. So, yesterday I was talking to a young Democrat who tried to pick my brain about who should he work for – like he was looking at the Iowa caucuses in 2020. And I said honestly, I have no idea. There is no leadership right now, there is such a vacuum. The sclerosis in the Democratic Party is so overwhelming and crippling that they do not have a bench. They do not have leaders.

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