NY Times Omits Key Detail in Report About Kellyanne Conway’s White House Job

The New York Times neglected to mention Kellyanne Conway’s achievement as the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign in its big report on her White House job.

Although the story notes Conway is the top woman in the White House in her new role as counselor to the president, reporters Maggie Haberman and Michael Shear do not mention her achievement as campaign manager anywhere in the 25 paragraph-long story.

“Ms. Conway, 49, who took over as Mr. Trump’s campaign manager in August, shortly after the Republican convention, guided him through a brutal and divisive campaign, often appearing on television to vouch for him during periods of scandal or controversy,” the reporters write of her unprecedented success. No mention here of her achievement on behalf of women.

“She stood by Mr. Trump after a 2005 tape surfaced in which he boasted about groping women, proving her loyalty and helping secure her position as someone who will have the president’s ear on a wide variety of topics,” they continue, using the opportunity to bring up Trump’s lewd comments on women instead of crediting Conway for her success.

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The transition team noted the achievement in its statement announcing her new role, and other news outlets included it in their coverage of the story. “Conway is the first female campaign manager of either major party to win a presidential general election,” the statement read. Outlets including The Washington Post, NBC News, USA Today and the liberal blog Slate included this achievement in their reports.

The New York Times report quotes from the transition team’s statement, but does not include the portion regarding her distinction as the first woman to lead a presidential campaign to victory. It’s hard to imagine such an accomplishment being left out of a Democrat’s resume.

Haberman and Shear did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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