NY Times and CBS Try to Throw Wounded Veterans Under the Bus by Spreading Fake News

They say fake news has real world consequences.

Indeed it does. And the bigger the network disseminating the fake news, the greater the impact it has.

Take the Wounded Warrior Project for example. It’s an organization that’s currently got over 100,000 registered wounded veterans. They’ve taken billions of dollars of donations and used that money to care for soldiers who have been injured physically and mentally by the scourges of war.

But leave it to the New York Times and CBS News to write reports about this organization’s “lavish spending” habits and otherwise misusing donations to pad the pockets of the administrators.

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I’d agree that that would be worthy of outrage if it were true. But these accounts were based on the testimonies of a few disgruntled employees who had gotten fired.

The Times and CBS News were more than happy to oblige and reported that the Wounded Warrior Project was only using 60% of its donations on care for wounded veterans.

Obviously, that news took a toll on the organization’s funding. Who’s going to want to give to an organization, knowing that only 60 cents of every dollar will go to help wounded veterans?

The thing is, that wasn’t true. Freedom Daily reported:

But now the truth has come out. The reports by the Times and CBS that Wounded Warrior Project was misusing funds has been completely debunked. Not only were tens of thousands of wounded veterans harmed by the lies maliciously told about WWP, but two of the founding members were fired by the board of directors, and now they’re speaking out.

Freedom Daily spoke exclusively to Al Giordano, a Marine vet & co-founder and former Chief Operating Officer of WWP.

In 2009, Steve Nardizzi, another co-founder, became CEO of WWP. Both he & Giordano have been credited with building the Wounded Warrior Project into a charity powerhouse for injured veterans. That’s when MSM began running fake news about the organization.

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, the New York Times ran a story based on the testimonies of several employees of WWP who were disgruntled over their termination from the charity. The former employees who had been fired had created a private Facebook page with which to communicate with one another. There they plotted to take down Wounded Warrior Project, and the New York Times was more than eager to help.

Giordano steered us to Professor Doug White, an author, recognized expert on charities, and former Director of the Masters of Science in Fundraising Management program at Columbia University. Professor White became aware of the hit piece done by the New York Times and compiled a 79-page independent report on the matter.

White pointed out in his independent report that the Facebook group included Len Stachitis, Executive Vice President of Strategic Giving of WWP. Stachitis was terminated for covering up the theft of donor dollars from his direct reports including Teresa Nichols, Manager of Major gifts, another member of the Facebook group.

Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Times, had been contacted by the group of fired WWP employees in June of 2015. Giordano relayed to us that while some former employees spoke glowingly about what WWP had done for them personally, they lied about how the charity was being managed. They had a score to settle. And Philipps ate it up.

Nothing good that Philipps was told about WWP made it into his final article for the New York Times.

What did Philipps leave out of his hit piece?

Please read the rest of this exclusive report here at Freedom Daily to find out what Philipps conveniently left out of his hit piece…

The Wounded Warrior Project was even given a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, which is a non-profit watchdog organization. The Better Business Bureau as well as FTI consulting audited the Wounded Warrior Project and found no evidence of “lavish spending.” In fact, they found that 81 percent of their donations went to helping wounded veterans.

Now, they’ve been vindicated, but the damage has already been done, and neither the New York Times nor CBS News care enough to issue apologies or retractions.

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