Now Leftist BLM Extremists Are Threatening Civil War Reenactors!

Civil War reenactors had to cancel plans when they found a pipe bomb, a new tool of “anti-fascism.”

The threat to these Civil War reenactors was murderous and barbaric. It was also extremely ignorant. These were Leftists doing the same thing, in their own minds, as tearing down Confederate Memorials. Yet this battle was a Union victory that helped Abraham Lincoln get re-elected in 1864.

There were threats before the event:

Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, and BLM may not all set a pipe bomb, but they all seem amazingly ignorant of history. For them civilization seems to have arisen in 2008, with the election victory of Barack Obama, at the earliest. Any celebration of earlier events is seen as white nationalism or something.

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The Federalist reports, “Anti-History Fury Hits Virginia Civil War Re-Enactment With Threats, Pipe Bombs.”

This past weekend, reenactors and spectators gathered at the Cedar Creek battlefield for a two-day reenactment of the battle. It’s a popular annual event at the national park, and this year’s warm, sunny weather looked promising for history-lovers. Around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, events were suddenly cut short when a “suspicious device”—rumored to be a pipe bomb—was found on site.

Law enforcement quickly evacuated visitors and reenactors from the park, “rendered the device safe,” and thoroughly searched for additional threats. By Saturday evening, organizers had canceled all remaining public events. The event remains under investigation, both by state and federal law enforcement.

The scare wasn’t exactly a surprise. A few weeks ago, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation had received a letter threatening “bodily harm” to those attending the reenactment. After consulting with the FBI and local police, the foundation had decided to move forward with the event, heightening security measures. A notice on their website alerted visitors to the threat, which everyone hoped would prove empty. Sadly, it didn’t.

The bomb scare came on the heels of a tension-filled summer, in which Civil War symbolism was a major flashpoint. Following the deadly protests surrounding a Confederate monument in Charlottesville, Virginia, the city of Manassas cancelled its annual Civil War reenactment in August, citing fears of violence. After this weekend’s events at Cedar Creek, reenactors—and the spectators and communities who love them—increasingly worry that living history will become the next casualty of America’s culture war.

Read the entire Federalist post.

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