Now Anti-Trump Hysteria Hits Germany [VIDEO]

Progressive Germans, enraged that “hard right” politicians have won elections, are displaying anti-Trump hysteria.

The German leftists are now engaging in their equivalent of anti-Trump hysteria against their own election results. It is incredible to me that leftists wouldn’t understand that tactics like calling people Nazis who just won an election in unprecedented numbers is only going to make the Left look weak. Nothing makes you appear like a loser as much as giving in to hysteria.

This is now officially an international phenomenon.

AFP reports, “Protesters chanting ‘Nazis out’ hit AfD vote party.

Protests broke out in several German cities against the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany which became the first nationalist party to win dozens of seats in parliament since World War II.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of a club where the AfD was celebrating in central Berlin, shouting “Nazis out” and “all of Berlin hates the AfD”.

Mathias, who said he turned up after seeing a call on Facebook, said it was “important to show that it’s not acceptable here in Germany for such a party to enter parliament.”

Read the entire AFP story.

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