Noted Pundit Stu Rothenberg on Being Unbiased and Predicting Wave Elections

Stuart Rothenberg is a well-respected political analyst who is often looked to when people are trying to understand what may be looming in an upcoming election. In his video blog for Real Clear Politics, host Carl Cannon has a frank discussion with Rothenberg about how he does what he does.

Rothenberg focuses particularly on how both sides of the aisle seem to pile hate on to he and other analysts who are really trying just to read the situation. For example, he notes how in 2009 Republicans were very upset with him for saying they were crazy to think that they had a chance of winning back the House in 2010. In contrast, come 2014 it was the Democrats who were ready to string him up for telling his readers that a situation was brewing that might allow for a BIG Republican Wave in 2014. He was right both times.

Interesting perspectives from this episode of Changing Lanes.


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