Not Again! ISIS Burn 45 People to DEATH in Iraq

The BBC is reporting that another ISIS atrocity has taken place in western Iraq. In the city of al-Baghdadi, ISIS captured and burned 45 people to death in yet another display of their depravity. ISIS terrorists captured the city just last week and apparently wasted no time in showing the locals the vicious evil that they are known for.

Col. Qasim al-Obeidi is the local police chief, and he spoke with the BBC about what was happening in Al-Baghdadi. Col. Obeidi said that he believed at least a few of those killed had been members of the Iraqi military. He also said that more of Iraq’s security members (and their families) were currently under siege in the area and he was begging the Iraqi government (and the international community) to send help immediately.

The town of Al-Baghdadi had been under siege for months and had surprisingly continued to stand against the ISIS thugs; however, it could not hold out forever. ISIS vs JordanThe fall of the city puts the Ain al-Asad air base, just 5 miles away, in danger. Ain al-Asad is where some 320 US Marines are working to train Iraqi soldiers to fight the ISIS scourge. Already, the air base has repelled several attacks from ISIS, and now that Al-Baghdadi has fallen, they can expect the pressure to become even greater.

At HotAir, Jazz Shaw wonders if ISIS can continue to shock people with their brutality, or if horrible stories like this will become so common that we become inured to them.

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It’s a valid question, and one that I hope will be answered in the negative. We as a culture have become cynical about a great many things, but we are still the most charitable and empathetic nation in the world. We mustn’t allow the depravity of ISIS to become commonplace among us. As much as it hurts, we must read each new story and each new act of terror as if it were the first time we were hearing of them. As much as it pains us, that hurt will keep us motivated – it’s when the pain numbs that we lose our nerve and forget why it is so imperative that we fight against them.

Don’t forget, America. Never forget.

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