Not Fake News: Salon Discusses 5 Reasons ‘Legend’ Maxine Waters Should be President

Salon Editor at Large D. Watkins is campaigning for Representative [score]Maxine Waters[/score] (D-CA) to be our next president. From Salon:

The way Republicans gloat about the new president is disgusting­­: It’s the lowest form of groveling I’ve ever seen. And the historically low standards set for this administration only make matters worse. Trump still receives praise, even after the string of failures he’s collected during his first 100 days.

What’s funny to me is that right-wing pundits like Fox News host Bill O’Reilly never challenge Trump on real issues, like his failed travel ban and his squad of Russia-connected minions. But O’Reilly does find the time to disrespect a legend like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who has a history of fighting for women, children and minorities living in poverty. Instead of being a coward for attacking a woman and trying to embarrass her on air, O’Reilly should be praising Waters and telling his viewers that she would make a better president than Donald Trump.

In a video, the writer listed the five reasons Waters should be our next president.

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Number five:  “Maxine understands the people.”

According to Watkins, what makes Waters so qualified to be president is that she is the 5th born out of 13 kids and started working in segregated restaurants as a young teenager. She “fought her way out of poverty,” unlike Trump who lived in the “lap of luxury, attending private schools and enjoying the life of privileged millionaire.”

Number four:  Waters is “a fearless outspoken advocate for women, the poor, children, people of color…pretty much everybody left out of the Trump campaign.”

It was her work ethic, according to Salon, that led her to “fight against the apartheid regime in South Africa,” even before she was elected to Congress.

Number three:  The California Democrat was “one of the few to speak out against the war in Iraq.”

Lots of people spoke out against the war in Iraq. It was easy for Democrats to speak out against it, because George W. Bush was president then.

Number two:  She loves millennials. And millennials love her.

Number one:  She’s “not afraid to attack the right.”

Um, how is that a qualification? Because she’s not afraid to attack her opponents? That’s pretty much requisite in politics. Everyone does it. If you don’t, you’re not considered a true ‘team player.’

It was Waters who said that the Trump Administration is nothing but a “bunch of scumbags.” She also made very clear, “I don’t honor him; I don’t respect him; and I don’t want to be involved with him.”

Oh yeah. She’s also the one who said that Russia invaded Korea. I’m not sure she should be president.

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