North Korea Summit Is Back On! (For Now)

President Donald Trump announced the planned North Korea summit will be the beginning of a peace process.

Liberals are angy again because the North Korea summit is back. Once again, a real estate developer from Queens is in danger of solving a generational problem that has surpassed the power of globalists for decades.

This, I think, explains the real hatred of the Liberals and the Establishment Republicans. They mocked Donald Trump as incompetent and stupid. His victory reminds them that those words really apply to them.

The Washington Times reports, “Trump: North Korea summit back on for June 12.

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President Trump announced Friday that his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place as originally planned on June 12 in Singapore […]

Emerging from a historic and rare 90-minute-plus Oval Office meeting with a top North Korean official, Mr. Trump told reporters that the summit is back on, after he canceled it last week.

“You people are going to have to travel, because you’ll be in Singapore on June 12th,” he told reporters awaiting word of the meeting. “I think we’re going to have a relationship, and it will start on June 12.”

But the president downplayed expectations for a quick deal on Pyongyang giving up its nuclear weapons, saying such an agreement won’t be signed in Singapore, and the meeting will serve as the start of a process.

“I think you’ll have a very positive result in the end — not from one meeting,” Mr. Trump said. “I told them today, take your time, we can go fast or we can go slowly.”

Mr. Trump also revealed that he told North Korean vice chairman Kim Yong-chol that the U.S. will hold off on imposing more economic sanctions against Pyongyang while they are working towards a denuclearization agreement.

“We had hundreds of new sanctions ready to go on,” Mr. Trump said. “I said I’m not going to put them on until such time as the talks break down. We have hundreds [of sanctions] that are ready to go. I said, ‘Would I do that when we’re talking so nicely?’”

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