North Korea Summit & Highlighting American Exceptionalism

Last week, President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un and the coverage was stunning from all sides.

In the latest episode of Freedoms Disciple, Jonathon discusses the historic US/North Korea Summit, federalism, using government as a weapon, and highlighting Americans being exceptional.

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Show Highlights

US / NK Summit

Last week, President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un and the coverage was stunning from all sides. Depending on who you asked Trump is either a God or Satan, the meeting was either amazing or a disaster, this summit will either end with a Nobel Peace Prize or war and his impeachment. I break the down everything and discuss everything from Trump to the American flag to the media. I also highlight the one key word that was sadly missing from the coverage.


Last week I was part of a very interesting conversation on social media. The discussion was whether Trump should send in the National Guard to places like Chicago. I asked the question did Chicago and Illinois have any say in this discussion and some conversations said no. Do we believe in federalism anymore? I want to take some time out and explain it and highlight why the founders were so smart with your structure and how it differs from other countries around the world.


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People often mock me for my “fear” of government. In my lifetime I have seen first hand the horror government can have on your life and what happens when government expands into every part of your life and left unchecked. I want to share the story in the UK where a young boy was taken from her mother and put into foster care. What was her crime? Saying no to ice-cream and no letting him get the haircut he wanted. This is only the beginning of a truly horrific story.

American Exceptionalism

If you have ever listened to my show, you will notice I finish each one the exact same way – by sharing what DeTocqueville once paraphrased: America is great because Americans are good. There is a new report from Giving USA saying Americans gave over $410 billion to charity in 2017 which is a record. This is the America I love, defend and support. This is who I know you are and the impact you can have on the world. America is not great because of your politics or your government… it is made great by your people doing amazing things and making our everyday lives better. Today I salute you and simply say THANK YOU!!!

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