No Whites Allowed Magazine Lets Whites Attend Launch

It’s a magazine for homosexual people “of color,” but its title is No Whites Allowed.

In our current political climate, the fact that a magazine is given the title “No Whites Allowed” without any media storm of outrage, demonstrates the hypocrisy. Accusing a white of being a “separatist” is almost as negative as calling him a rapist. We are contstantly reminded that “apartheid” and “segregation” are great evils. And then “people of color” make separatism the name of their magazine, and no one cares.

Campus Reform reports, “Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine.

According to a Facebook event titled ”Zine Release,”’ the magazine will be revealed on March 1 at La Botanica, which describes itself as “Texas’ first vegan restaurant with a full bar and performance and event venue.”

“Thursday at La Botanica from 8-11pm there will be the NWA Zine release party! This zine’ specifically features and promotes black and brown lgbtqa creatives,” the description states. We hope to showcase our talent and create an open space for our voices to be heard.

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Student Kayla Ramey further elaborated on the event’s purpose in a comment.

“I keep having to make this post but I’ll try it one last time so everyone clearly understands. The name of the zine is No Whites Allowed. It’s a zine for QPOC and by QPOC,” Ramey wrote, noting that [….] “white people are welcome to come to the event.”

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