No Kaepernick, No Jay-Z: Rapper Allegedly Turns Down Super Bowl Performance

Jay-Z is among the Hollywood elite who think they are above everyone else. He literally refers to himself as God. His self proclaimed nickname is Hova, short for JHova. Which you can easily see is a play on the word Jehovah (Hebrew word for God).

Surprise, he is also a Black Lives Matter advocate, along with wife Beyonce, and a crazy Hillary supporter.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that he has turned down a Super Bowl performance in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is no longer playing in the NFL because for he sucks as a football player. He got his 5 minutes of fame when he knelt for the National Anthem in protest, advocating the BLM.

Jay-Z, has reportedly turned down an offer to be the main event at this year’s half time show at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The Source magazine’s website first reported Jay-Z refused to participate because of the protests ignited by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Other sites, like Sports Illustrated and Pro Football Talk, later picked the story up.

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“I’m not surprised by that at all and I’m actually glad that people are using their platform in this way,” said Jason Sole, NAACP Minneapolis president.

Sole hasn’t watched football all season and doesn’t plan on watching the Super Bowl.
He is encouraging all black entertainers to bow out of the halftime show if they agree with Kaepernick’s protests.

Toki Wright is a local Emmy award-winning hip hop artist. He raps about social issues like police brutality and climate change. Wright says it’s a tough call to make.

Wright said, “At the end of the day people like checks and they like to get paid and you’re always going to find an artist whose willing to do it, but the question is are they willing to put their credibility on the line?”


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