No Ifs, Ands, or Buts – the Next US President Must Be a Counter-Jihadist!

“Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.”  ―Ayaan Hirsi Ali, victim of Islamic genital mutilation and critic of Islam’s sexual abuse of girls and women


Muslim Immigration: Forcing Non-Muslims to Submit

If we continue to admit Muslims into the country, America will be destroyed. But, with Trump in the Oval Office, we have a chance to save our women and young girls from the rape gangs which are so prevalent in Europe these days, wreaking havoc and robbing women of any reasonable expectation of safety. Sweden now has the second highest rate of rape in the world, due to its unwise policy of open borders and of allowing unlimited numbers of Muslim immigrants into the country.  The police in Sweden, Germany, and other European countries are now telling women that they can no longer guarantee their safety, if they leave their homes unveiled, uncovered, and without a male escort.  In other words, Europe’s progressive governments refuse to stick up for their women and have, instead, chosen to submit to Sharia Law.  Germany’s Angela Merkel has even told Germans to accept their fate of Islamization.

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The Treachery of the Establishment

Establishment Republicans are no better than Merkel, having chosen to submit to the Sharia by approving Obama’s unlimited immigration plans for jihadists into America.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell have shepherded funding measures through the House and Senate that will pay for the resettlement of these supremacist, murderous bigots.  These are the Republican leaders who claim to be the real conservatives and who are seeking to torpedo Trump with a Never-Trump movement bent on electing fellow globalist and Establishment-member Hillary Clinton.  The globalist Establishment would rather allow the Islamization of America to go forward—in order to selfishly preserve their own power base—than to help Trump’s candidacy.  If Trump loses, these corrupt Republicans will have the gall to say, “We told you so!  We told you Trump couldn’t win!” when the truth will be that it was they who ensured his defeat.  By the time Islam, with its average birthrate of 8.1 children per couple, overtakes America, the Establishment Republicans will not be around to suffer the consequences.  Only their children and grandchildren will suffer.  Trump conservatives, who love American and truly care about how their grandchildren, will at least go down fighting a counter-jihad against Islam.


Targeting Trump

Trump America HatIf Never-Trump Republicans succeed in giving the election to Clinton, who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, as Obama is, the entire country will become a cesspool of violence.  Under a Trump presidency, Americans will be free to continue to argue conservative-leaning views.  But under a regime headed by a Sharia-compliant Hillary Clinton, Americans will begin to recognize that their right to speak freely is continually being diminished to the point where nobody will be able to have the discussions that Constitutional conservatives so highly prize.  With Clinton friend Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California, threatening to sue Exxon-Mobil over a report given at a shareholders meeting contending that global warming is not as severe as previously believed, it has become clear that government lawsuits to shut down free speech will become commonplace under a President Hillary Clinton.  Yet the “conservative” Paul Ryan and “conservative” Mitch McConnell would seemingly prefer such free speech restrictions, along with the forced submission of Americans to the Sharia under a President Hillary Clinton, rather than allow a President Donald Trump to protect Americans and allow Constitutional discourse to continue under the auspices of a big-tent, grass-roots Republican Party.


Keeping Islam at Bay

Keeping mass Muslim migration out of America is about keeping our women and children safe and free.  Trump will protect Americans from Islam.  No other Republicans are willing to do this: not Paul Ryan, not Mitch McConnell, nor any other Establishmentarian.  How can any freedom-loving American support any of these people?  Either they do not know the doctrine of Islam, or, if they do, they are evil to their very cores in allowing a supremacist, bigoted, totalitarian, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian ideology into our country.  Pope Francis is in sympathy with this policy, saying that Europe needs Muslim immigrants to breed with Christians.  There have been immoral popes before him, and it would appear that Francis is another bad seed, who may, in the end, prove to be even worse than Pope Clement VII, whose politics allowed Pompeo Cardinal Colonna’s soldiers to pillage the Vatican and procure control of Rome in its entirety.  Francis is, of course, worse, since he has opened wide his arms to jihadists who wish to destroy the entire Judeo-Christian civilization.  In Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 44, there is a scriptural story about Muhammad: “A man came to Allah’s Apostle and said, ‘Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad (in reward).’  He [Muhammad] replied, ‘I do not find such a deed.’”  So, the act of murdering a non-Muslim is the highest form of worship in Islam.  By wanting more Muslims to bring the Sharia into Europe via the Jihad of Immigration, Pope Francis is committing his pontificate to aiding Europe in the commission of civilizational suicide.


Rape Is Permitted in Islam

No prohibition of the act of forced sex, or rape, exists anywhere in Islam.  The only rights women have are the rights to shelter, clothing, and food.  However, these rights can be canceled if a woman does not follow the orders given her by the man of the house.  Women do not even have the right to withhold sex from men, lest they give up their rights by doing so.  Women must submit to the men in Islam.


Non-Muslim Submission to Muslims

muslim beheadingAll non-Muslims must submit to Muslims.  Non-Muslims do not have the right to self-defense when being assaulted by a Muslim, just as women must take beatings, when they are beaten by their husbands.  In Islam, there is a death penalty only for murdering another Muslim, not for murdering a non-Muslim.


The Big Papal Lie

The Pope dishonestly claims Lebanon as a historic example of successful Muslim integration with Christians.  But this is no more true than the falsehood that Ryan and Mitchell—who have, for years, undermined grassroots conservatives in the House and Senate—are now suddenly more conservative and more moral than Donald Trump.  Lebanon was a majority-Christian country up until they were hit by a wave of Muslim refugees in the 1960s and 1970s, after which tens of thousands of Christians were ethnically-cleansed by means of jihadist genocide.  Islam hates Christians and Jews and kills them off, according to the Sunnah (or the Way) of Muhammad.  This is what will happen in Europe and in the United States, if Muslim immigration is not halted.  Establishment Democrats and Republicans are putting targets on every non-Muslim’s back.  They are comfortable with the notion of the very destruction of Western civilization in America, and they pursue policies leading to that outcome, with eyes wide open.  What they seem not to realize, in their ignorance—or arrogance—is that it does not matter whether or not they help the Muslims out, when it comes to how they will ultimately be treated by Islam.  They will still eventually become targets themselves, unless they, too, submit by converting to Islam and becoming victimizers of women and children, according to the Sunnah.  Muslims beat their wives and have sex with nine-year-old girls, because it is what Muhammad himself—the perfect model of Islamic conduct—did in his lifetime.


The Importance of Civil Society

When discussing politics, true conservatives who believe in civil discourse should try not to focus so much on specific words as on the overall meaning of what is being said.  Conservatives do not have time to worry about political correctness, and we should not be choosing to feel offended, while engaged in civil discourse with others.  We need to get at the heart of the matter under discussion.  Also, it is time to agree to disagree on some of the finer political points, so that we might begin to move the country forward.  True conservatives will, in the end, not choose to help Clinton’s candidacy.  Trump is 100 times better than Clinton.  Americans need to stop thinking about “Never Trump” and begin to focus on “Never Clinton” instead.  Reading Muhammad’s biography (The Life of Muhammad, by Ibn Ishaq) should persuade any reasonable person that the floodgates should not be opened to Muhammadans.  Indeed, the Koran says 91 times to do as Muhammad did.  Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide-de-camp, is a doctrinaire Muslim and ex-editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s journal.  We cannot allow the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House again, post-Obama.  Americans must unite behind the goal of defeating Hillary!  There is no higher morality than this in the 2016 presidential campaign, since allowing Islamization will incontrovertibly foreclose all moral options to future Americans.

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