NFL Refuses Police Union Request to Investigate Michael Bennett for Lying [VIDEO]

The “black lives matter” story Michael Bennett told about racist police is obviously phony.

Once again the NFL is alienating viewers by siding with an obviously false accusation against police by the Seahawk’s Michael Bennett. Bennett made several claims against the Las Vegas police. We don’t yet have evidence about some of them. But that claim that he was singled out because of his race is easily disproven. The NFL is basically siding with Black Lives Matter rather than with rational investigation. They show no concern that their platform is being used to malign law enforcement.

CBS reports, “NFL rejects Las Vegas police union request, won’t investigate Michael Bennett.

Bennett detailed a harrowing encounter with Las Vegas police that took place after attending the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. Bennett said he heard gunshots as he was walking back to his hotel and as he and others began to flee the area, police “singled” him out. Bennett ended up on the ground with police pointing a gun at him for “nothing more than being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The police disputed Bennett’s claims of racial profiling, but video footage of the incident left his brother, Packers tight end Martellus Bennett, shaken. Then, on Thursday, Steve Grammas, president of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, wrote the letter to Goodell, which included this passage:

“While the NFL may condone Bennett’s disrespect for our American Flag, and everything it symbolizes, we hope the League will not ignore Bennett’s false accusations against our police officers.”

The proof that Bennett is not telling the truth was explained by Matt Christiansen:

If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s the clincher: dozens of black people were brought to safety by the police in that casino. Bennett was treated differently because, by hiding then fleeing, he acted differently. There was no racism.

Read the entire story.

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