NFL Players Still Being NFL Protestors

Some who are paid handsomely to play football are working as NFL protestors reminding viewers that the nation is racist.

NFL protestors are still showing up at games and making a statement to football fans that America is racist. Millionaires are still telling middle class viewers that they have “white privilege” and the police they support are racist. It has even reached the point where a nation with far more violence and far fewer protections of minorities is honored above the United States.

The Hill reports, “NFL players continue protests during 11th week of games.

Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas and Michael Thomas of the Miami Dolphins all took a knee, as did New York Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters remained in the tunnel until the anthem was over. Peters has previously protested on the sideline.

Later, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat for most of the U.S. national anthem, but stood for the Mexican anthem, according to the AP.

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I wonder if Lynch has studied Mexico’s civil rights record.

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