NFL Announcer: ‘It’s Trump’s Fault the NFL Ratings Plummeted’

A few months ago I jokingly posted to Facebook that Trump would be responsible for the decline of NFL ratings, and therefore still “winning.”

Of course I was slammed with comments about how Trump couldn’t take the credit for it….However, he doesn’t have to TAKE any credit. Liberals are willingly handing it to him! HA!

NFL sports accounted Al Michaels is blaming the president for the plummeting NFL ratings. I wonder if perhaps he realizes that people want to watch sports to get away from all the politics?

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Between the players disrespectfully kneeling and broadcasters bashing the president, people are tuning out. What’s the point of watching if people are only hearing and seeing the exact things they were trying to get their minds off of?

Downtrend reports: 

Michaels heads up the Sunday night broadcast team, a longtime veteran who partnered with John Madden for years when Monday Night Football was still the league’s flagship product. The ratings for both nights have been down since the league embraced the racial grievance protests and national anthem protests with this week’s MNF broadcast cratering to post the fourth lowest ratings since 2006.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Michaels blasts Trump for “throwing a match into a gas tank” when he condemned the kneelers during a rally in Alabama back in September. Goodell quickly attacked Trump and put his seal of approval on hundreds of black players who protested on only the third weekend of the season.

If they were smart, the organization would have nixed Colin Kaepernick’s tantrum-throwing behind from the beginning, and perhaps they could have avoided this dumpster fire.

They made their bed, now they lay in it.

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