Newt Gingrich Celebrates the Trump Republican Party Rising Out of the Ashes of the Old GOP

Has President Donald Trump finally put the finishing stamp on the moribund Republican Party to make it his own? Newt Gingrich thinks he has.

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives recently proclaimed that the GOP has now fully become the Trump Republican Party.

Now, every president tries to do this, granted. After all, the president needs the greater party behind him in order to force Congress to put his agenda into place. If a president does not have the party apparatus behind him, he can make all the proclamations he wants but little of his agenda will come to fruition.

Remember the last years of the Bush presidency when the Democrats controlled Congress? Bush could not get too much done. Or, remember the last few years of Obama’s regime when the GOP finally started making major gains in Washington? Obama’s agenda was stalled at the end of his presidency.

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Well, those are just examples of when the opposing party takes power to oppose a president. Imagine how bad it is when Congress is run by the president’s party yet the party doesn’t really back him! This is something like what Trump faced in his first year and a half. Remember how the GOP kept backing off Trump’s agenda? That was because the whole of the party had not quite yet lined up behind Trump so that Republicans in Congress would feel the pressure from behind to sign onto Trump’s agenda.

This recalcitrance is coming to an end as the party becomes the Trump party… at last as far as Newt Gingrich is concerned.

Per an od-ed Newt wrote for Fox News:

The biggest takeaway message from Tuesday’s primaries and the Ohio special election is that the Republican Party is becoming President Trump’s party.

In fact, the degree to which pro-Trump Republicans prevailed is the fifth major achievement of the Trump presidency so far.

First, the president and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., placed a record number of conservative, constitutionally minded judges on the federal bench.

Second, President Trump moved power out of Washington and liberated businesses to accelerate economic growth through his historic deregulation effort.

Third, the president succeeded in working with congressional Republicans to pass a massive tax cut that has created jobs and grown the economy much faster than any of the elites thought possible.

Fourth, the president began to rebuild the American military after the Obama administration spent eight years deliberately undermining it.

Now President Trump has begun to grow a Trump Republican Party. The examples from Tuesday are striking, but this growth started earlier. In primary after primary, President Trump has proved to be a decisive voice.

Gingrich goes on to enumerate all the ways Trump has grabbed the reins of the Republican Party and has begun to steer it in his direction.

Well, what do you think? Is Newt Right? Has the GOP become the TGOP?

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