Newsweek Attacks Bible – Claims Criticizing Government is Sin

Newsweek magazine has published its first 2015 issue with the lead article “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin” written by Kurt Eichenwald. The question is, however, who is misunderstanding the Bible? Could it be that Mr. Eichenwald is the one doing the misunderstanding?

Certainly a lot of people do misunderstand the Bible. Much of the misunderstanding comes from a simple lack of Bible knowledge. People have heard what the Bible supposedly says on particular topics for so long that they actually believe these ideas are in the Bible. I’ve seen this firsthand. I often give a simple Bible quiz when I speak to groups on a controversial biblical topic. I’ve never had anybody answer all the questions correctly.

Kurt Eichenwald is not so much concerned about biblical literacy but with the way people interpret the Bible. There’s nothing new in this. Jesus had constant battles with the religious people of His day over interpretation issues. So we shouldn’t be surprised if people get much of the Bible wrong today.

But as we’ll see, Mr. Eichenwald is woefully deficient in the biblical literacy department, and it ends up coloring his very strange interpretation of certain biblical texts.

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Mr. Eichenwald’s article is long but seems to have a singular agenda. I had a suspicion that the article would be used to question the Bible’s opposition to same-sex sexuality and prop up a liberal political agenda. Sure enough, here’s the first like in the article:

“They wave their Bibles at passersby, screaming their condemnations of homosexuals.”

It’s not just this single line. An inordinate amount of copy is given over to the homosexual issue. He strains very hard to dilute the Bible’s very specific and repeated condemnation of homosexuality. His basic argument is that the Bible may condemn homosexuality, but it also condemns other practices. True enough, but as far as I can tell, America’s court system has not written such things into law whereby people lose their businesses for refusing to comply with a very clear moral prohibition…


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