New York Times Admits Trump Right about Swedish Crime Wave [VIDEO]

When Trump originally mentioned the Swedish crime wave, the media pretended he was making stuff up.

Swedish crime is a real problem. The New York Times now admits it. But has been reporting on the Swedish crime wave for several years. The mainstream media not only failed to report what was happening, but actively denied it and mocked anyone who told the truth about it. They actively waged “information warfare” against candidate Trump over the issue.

(Warning: the video below contains brief foul language.)

Breitbart reports, “New York Times Reveals Trump, Breitbart Right On Gang Crime, Grenade Attacks in Sweden.

The New York Times has broken ranks with the the establishment media, publishing an effective mea culpa< over the mainstream denial of migrant-related gang crime in Sweden.


In February last year, President Trump attempted to highlight the situation in Sweden, telling a campaign rally: “…look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?”

Immediately, the establishment media kicked in to deny Sweden’s mass migration problems. The Washington Post said he left Europeans “baffled”, while Politico spun the lines of pro mass migration campaigners to deny the situation. CNN went even further, lampooning the soon-to-be President’s warnings with the opening line: “Has someone stolen our meatballs?”

Now the New York Times has admitted parts of Sweden are being turned into war zones, with the use of grenades and military weapons from 1990s Yugoslavia. They quote kebab shop owner and asylum seeker Paul Borisho who — like many Europeans — expressed fear and concern over the trajectory of the continent: “Now, when I think of the future, I am afraid… I am afraid for Europe.”

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