New York Restaurant gets Attacked for Being Heterosexual

Sure, you might think it would be difficult for a restaurant to be gay or straight… but that isn’t stopping the gay mafia from going after Gallo Nero over their latest ad campaign.

Gallo Nero is a popular place to grab ice cream in New York… and one of their competitors happens to be a company called Big Gay Ice Cream. So, someone at Gallo Nero thought it would be fun to play off of their competitor’s shtick and use it to their advantage.

Thus was born… The Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream!

ice cream

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Folks on Twitter and the Internet in general aren’t taking too kindly to Gallo Nero’s play on words.


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The website the Gothamist sent a reporter out to inquire about the gutsy ad campaign – to which the manager replied, “What’s the issue? We can call our ice cream whatever we want.” When the reporter asked if the sign was homophobic, the manager simply said, “They have their own way, we have our own way.”

I’m not sure, and perhaps one of our readers can enlighten me… how is the Big Gay Ice Cream a completely reasonable name for ice cream, while the Big Straight Ice Cream is “homophobic”?

Obviously it makes no sense.

But this is what the left does, isn’t it? Make completely unreasonable arguments that have nothing to do with facts and then demand that everyone else agree with you. Because if they don’t… they are hate-mongering bigots!

My only question is… is the ice cream any good?

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